Vegan Beauty Products

There may be some surprising animal derived ingredients hidden away in your skincare and cosmetics. From beeswax to honey and milk, many of nature's most commonly used skincare ingredients are actually derived from animals. But vegan skincare and vegan makeup avoid such ingredients, and if sold within the EU and UK will also be cruelty-free. They may additionally be certified vegan by an independent third party such as the Vegan Society or PETA. How can you shop vegan beauty products? We've made it easy - just look for the badge.



    The Vegan Badge at Content Beauty

    Our Vegan Badge

    We understand that researching and shopping for vegan skin care and vegan beauty products can be time-consuming, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you with our Vegan badge and shop by ethos 'Suitable for Vegan' filters. Once you hit a product page just check for the VE badge to identify at a glance if the product is suitable for vegans based on the ingredients listed and information given to us by the brand. To make it even easier to get started we've listed some vegan best-sellers below. Need help making the switch? Just email us on help(at) and we'll help match the best beauty products to your skin type and needs.

Vegan Cleansers

These vegan cleansers at CONTENT are not only natural but are void of animal derived ingredients such as milk and beeswax.

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Vegan Face Masks

Discover vegan face masks that have been formulated without animal derived ingredients to detox, peel and brighten your skin.

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Vegan Moisturisers

The vegan moisturisers we stock combine active ingredients from nature while avoiding animal derived ingredients.

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Vegan Haircare

Honey, milk, keratin and silk often find their way into haircare. Avoid these ingredients with vegan shampoo, conditioner and more.

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    Vegan Makeup

    Animal derived ingredients can pop up in the most unsuspecting cosmetic products - your lipstick, moisturiser or eye pencil could contain beeswax, carmine or even pearl and silk.

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    Vegan Lip Balms

    Now by replacing the beeswax with candelilla wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, natural lip-balms are not only vegan but ours are petroleum-free too.

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    Vegan Highlighters

    For shimmer without the animal-derived ingredients, make sure to check your highlighters for crystalline guanine, which is derived from fish scales and ground to give a pearly iridescent effect.

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    Vegan Clothing

    With food, making a vegan choice is mostly obvious but with vegan clothing it can be harder to tell. Many seemingly natural options can contain animal products, from indigo dyed denim to footwear glue.

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    Vegan Nail Varnish

    Complete your revamped animal friendly makeup bag with a lick of vegan nail polish. Be sure to look out for hidden keratin, which can be animal derived.

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