Christy Dawn

With a cult following worldwide, women have bought Christy Dawn's covetable, all-occasion dresses as a way to opt out of fast-fashion – a sector of the industry known for its mistreatment of workers and excessive pollution and waste.

Crafted in Los Angeles, Christy Dawn designs are wear-anywhere pieces that will remain in your wardrobe throughout the seasons. For the brand, creating fashion with a planet- and people-first ethos meant setting up their own factory in LA and shunning new fabrics. Making limited edition runs from existing fabric means each version of a style has a very limited number - no chance of being seen in the same high street dress all season.

‘A dress should only be considered beautiful if the process used to produce it preserves the integrity and beauty of the Earth and her people. When deciding what to wear, we have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact of that process.' Christy Dawn.

Through their choices, Christy Dawn are educating customers on the true cost of production – the connection between the economy, the environment and humanity.