How We Source

CONTENT was created by Imelda Burke, who 17 years ago, became interested in using natural beauty products as an alternative to the mainstream beauty product that are being marketed at women and men today. After suffering from skin problems from early childhood, and having been prescribed many medical treatments, most of which contain synthetic chemicals - there had to be an alternative.

The Ingredients

You might wonder why we don't have the term 'chemical free' splashed across our website, a term commonly used in natural skincare.

It's simple, we find it misleading. Why?, well because a common example of a chemical substance is pure water; it has the same properties and the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen. An essential component to human life is infact a chemical.

Instead we prefer to use the more accurate term, 'synthetic chemical'.

We have listed the ingredients we avoid we like to avoid but this is constantly evolving. Not everything we stock is 100% natural, for example some products contain small amounts of synthetic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol which is allowed under some organic certification regulations. Others include Dimethicone in an otherwise natural formulation to improve longevity on the skin and reduce creasing in products such as cream eye shadows.

Where there is an ingredient we think some of you may like to avoid we will highlight it in the 'Details' section on the product page, but all ingredients are also listed in their INCI form. It is easy to avoid something if you wish to by referring to the ingredients lists.

You can easily identify a product that has been certified natural or organic by an independent governing body by looking for the CN or CO badge next to the product image.

Most of the ingredients we do not stock are obvious choices, but many can still be found in 'organic' brands, even those sold in health food stores. Our list is edited, as research and ingredients change.

Some things in life we have little control over - the skincare we use is one area we do.