Our Environment


Many of the brands we stock have eliminated excess packaging from their products, others provide packaging that can be recycled. 

All our mail orders are delivered in recyclable card boxes, with items protected in the world's first bio-degradable bubble wrap or biodegradable corn packing peanuts.

Our carrier bags, given out on request only, are pretty enough to keep for housing treasures. However, these can be recycled if needed.  

Tissue paper, office paper and envelopes are all from recycled paper. Card boxes from deliveries we receive are disposed of through a recycling company. We do not use the council's paid business collections service, as, in our area, council collected commercial card waste, goes to landfill.

Our printing uses recycled paper and vegetable inks. We do not use special finishes, coatings, or foils as this limits the way it can be recycled. We think natural is best...our paper actually feels like paper!


We like to work with as many like-minded, small owner-operated companies as possible. From sourcing office supplies, to ensuring our computers are from an electronics company, that features high on the Greenpeace list of green manufacturers.

We are constantly looking at ways to ensure our consumption is a conscious, considered choice.

Our electricity is green and our money sits in an ethical bank, dealing exclusively with organic and ethical businesses. It's being used to help individuals and business like us.

It's a long road to eco-perfection, but we've started the journey and are committed to choosing the most eco-option, wherever we can.