Vegan Ethos

Vegan Beauty & Vegan Fashion

  • Vegan Beauty

    Since 2008 we have edited our products so your could shop by ethos, in this case vegan beauty products. Vegan skincare and vegan makeup avoid animal derived ingredients and if sold within the EU and UK they will also be cruelty-free. They may additionally be certified vegan by an independent third party such as the Vegan Society or PETA. How can you shop vegan beauty products? We've made it easy - just look for the badge, or shop via the categories below.

  • Vegan Fashion

    Shopping vegan fashion and vegan shoes has never been easier. From leather-free accessories to alternatives to wool and animal fibres, its becoming easier to shop vegan and still make better choices for the planet. Silk can be replaced by vegan silk made from bamboo and leather can be replaced with new alternatives that aren't all about plastic. As our collection grows look for those who are innovating with new fibres and fabrics that encourage us to make choices for the planet along with our ethos.