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Apprvl Embroidery Kit
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Apprvl Embroidery Kit
Free Gift



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Apprvl Embroidery Kit includes all of the materials and information that you need to master the basics of hand embroidery.

Whether you sew funny phrases on your jean pockets, add your name to your buttoned shirts, or decorate your denim jacket with flowers, the kit will teach you how.

Adding embroidery is a great way to revive or personalise your clothes so you don't get bored with them.

18.5cm x 13.5cm hinged metal tin.


Learn how to embellish anything with this embroidery kit with supplies and tips:

  • Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Needles
  • Instructions And Designs
  • Transfer Paper
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Scissors 

Apprvl is run from the Brooklyn studio of textile artist Megan Mussari.


Repairing is caring! This kit allows you to add embroidery to clothing to give it an update and keep it in circulation - no need to throw it away!

Customising your clothes to give them a new lease on life and increase longevity will mean you won’t need to buy as much and will reduce your overall need for the world’s limited resources.

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