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Cosmic Dealer

Cosmic Dealer Herbal Dark Chocolate


Cosmic Dealer

Cosmic Dealer Herbal Dark Chocolate



Product code: CCY001

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With a mantra of less sugar, more plants, higher vibes, Cosmic Dealer have created a low sugar herbal chocolate to satisfy any dark cacao cravings.

This ceremonial-grade raw, 85% dark organic chocolate (single origin Ecuadorian cacao) has been very lightly sweetened with ground whole dates and micro-dosed with herbs, plants, flowers and botanicals.

Each bar comes with a Cosmic Card making this a fun gift.



Coconut & Chicory

  • Coconut - known in Ayurveda for its calming & stress-fighting properties.
  • Chicory -  a root traditionally used to support gut health & a stressed digestive system.

Ajaparita & Blue Cornflower

  • Ajaparita - aka butterfly pea flower, brimming with antioxidants known to stimulate collagen.
  • Blue Cornflower - used traditionally as a natural remedy to soothe tired skin.

Cherries & Fennel 

  • Sour Cherries - known for their warming and stimulating effect on the metabolism
  • Wild Fennel - micro-dosed with this powerful Ayurvedic super herb for digestion


The Cosmic Dealer Raw Chocolate Box contains very small pieces of real dates to sweeten.  This difference is crucial when comparing to other 'sugars' because the dates still include fibre, which helps balance blood sugar levels in the body, preventing spikes. Using ground whole dried dates also means they contain all the fruit’s nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Made from scratch - beans are purchased directly from the farm and are ground on site, to make the freshest and most traceable chocolate possible.

No refined sugar or soy lecithin. Certified organic. Made in France. Suitable for Vegans.

SPP Certified Ethically Sourced Cacao. Single Origin Cacao.


Cherry & Fennel Raw cacao mass (85%), dates, sour cherries, fennel flower. Nutritional Information - 50g (per tablet): Energy 306 Kcal / Fat 22,1g of which saturates 14g / Carbohydrate 18g of which sugars 6g / Fibre 5,5g / Protein 6,2g / Salt 0g

Ajaparita & Blue Cornflower - Raw cacao mass, Raw cocoa butter, Dates, Butterfly pea flower, Blue cornflower petals. Nutritional Information - 50g (per tablet): 297Kcal / Fat 23g of which saturates 13,7g / Carbohydrate 17g of which sugars 5,5g / Fibre 12g / Protein 5g / Salt 0g

Coconut & Chicory - Raw cacao mass (85%), Raw cocoa butter, Dates, Coconut powder, Chicory powder, Toasted coconut chips. Nutritional Information - 50g (per tablet): 306 Kcal / Fat 22,1g of which saturates 14g / Carbohydrate 18g of which sugars 6g / Fibre 5,5g / Protein 6,2g / Salt 0g 

May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, coconut, mustard, celery, milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Products are gluten and dairy free but as a precaution it is stated that traces could be present due to the fact that the herbal suppliers handle some of these items.


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