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Synergy Co. Prenatal Wholefood Multi
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Synergy Co. Prenatal Wholefood Multi
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A whole food prenatal multi, made with organic ingredients, the PureNatal has everything you need for your body and your baby.

The Synergy Company whole food vitamins and minerals are made with organic ingredients and contain none of the synthetics, chemicals, and other additives that you are likely to find in other prenatals.

Delivered to your body like food, these special nutrients are deeply nourishing, easy on your tummy and so good for your baby. Nourish your body, nourish your baby with this PureNatal Multivitamin.

120 tablets


Exclusively made with organic whole foods, the vitamins and minerals used are not isolated, synthesized or adulterated with chemicals. They offer gentle, but effective nutrient absorption that isn’t hard on your tummy.

Contains organic, whole food iron that is easy on your digestive system and 800 mcg of organic whole food folate.

Organic Sprout Blend: a cruciferous sprout blend that is many times more potent than a serving of veggies. The 100% tested, safe and certified organic sprouts offer a gentle way of supporting your body as it goes through the natural, but sometimes exasperating, ups and downs of pregnancy.

Organic Berry Blend™: A unique blend of 12 of the most prized and flavonoid-rich berries including wild blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry and pomegranate. Give your body and baby an added boost of health-promoting vitamin C and antioxidants.

Organic Ginger Extract: this ginger is pure, organic, concentrated and created without any harmful solvents and is completely free of all chemical additives - so you can take advantage of the tummy calming benefits of this time-honored plant without concern over purity and safety.

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Extract: Safely used in many traditions around the world to tone the uterus and prepare for a healthy birth process. Red raspberry leaf is a classic tonic herb for moms to be and is believed to support all aspects of a healthy pregnancy.

Certified organic in the USA. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and kosher

How To Use

Take two tablets twice daily with or without food. Because Pure Prenatal is made from whole food, it is gentle on your stomach and can be taken any time of day.

Please store away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not exceed recommended intake.

Not to be used instead of a varied and balanced diet and lifestyle. Store away from direct sunlight and heat.



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