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Synergy Co. Multi for Women
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Synergy Co. Multi for Women
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The Synergy Vita-Min-Herb¨ for Women is a time-honoured, world renowned, whole food multi-vitamin with synergised herbal extracts offering women of all ages a whole new level of inner balance, renewed energy, and foundational health.

In it the Synergy Company has united their innovative whole food vitamins and minerals, made with organic vegetables and fruits, with meaningful amounts of their pure herbal extracts, created to support and sustain your healthy hormones, energy, heart, mind, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being.

The end result is a rich, biologically superior all-in-one multi-vitamin formulation that supports and enhances a woman's body and her vital, life-sustaining processes.

120 tablets - 30 day supply.


Benefits of Vita-Min-Herb for Women:

  • The ultimate “multi” for those seeking optimal health and vibrant well-being.
  • Delivers highly bio-available vitamins, minerals & co-factors made with organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Synergized herbal extracts provide targeted support for your hormones, energy, heart, brain, digestion & immune system.
  • Creates balanced energy so you can feel calm, yet full of life.
  • Balances natural hormonal rhythms—especially during times of transition.
  • Deeply nourishing and restorative for your whole body Delivers all-encompassing support for women of all ages.

Made with Organic ingredients. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Suitable for Vegetarians. Dairy-Free. 

How To Use

Suggested Usage: 3 to 6 tablets per day (2-3 in morning, 1-3 in afternoon), with or without meals.  

Can be taken with or without meals and is gentle on the most sensitive stomachs Please store away from direct sunlight and heat.


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