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Biosolis is a certified organic suncare brand that creates sunscreen using 100% natural non-nano mineral sunscreens using natural and organically produced vegetable oils and plant extracts. Formulated to prove that sunscreen can be certified organic, Biosolis does not use any petrochemical ingredients and is free from silicones, paraffins, nano-particles and synthetic fragrances in accordance with certification. Thanks to their biotechnology, Biosolis uses quality active ingredients that are clean and pollutant-free, and respectful of the skin and our planet.

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The mineral sunscreen is a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals that create a protective layer on the skin’s surface and reflect UV rays away from the skin, offering immediate effectiveness. Biosolis ingredients and formulations are Ecocert and the Cosmebio certified to ensure product safety and the majority of the range is suitable for vegans. All Biosolis SPF and UVA ratings are inspected by an independent laboratory, and comply with European Colipa and American FDA sun protection regulations. Made in Belgium.

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