Love Bites Only

Love Bites Only

Love Bites Only is more than just an insect repellent; it embodies luxury, efficacy, and environmental responsibility. Founded by Sydney-born travel enthusiast Bree Nolan, the brand was inspired by her extensive global travels and a deep passion for natural solutions. With over 15 years of exploration, Bree’s commitment to convenience, wellness, and sustainability shines through in this product.

Bree's vision for Love Bites Only was sparked during her time in the lavender fields of Provence, where she dreamed of creating a natural, effective, and beautifully scented alternative to synthetic insect repellents. Combining nature’s finest repelling oils it has the additional benefit of a refreshing tropical scent that transports users to sunlit getaways with every application.

The brand is committed to using recycled glass bottles, ethically sourced ingredients and is proudly formulated in the UK. Bree Nolan’s mission is clear: to create a luxe yet practical product that protects both skin and the planet, allowing everyone to enjoy the great outdoors worry-free.

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