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Why It’s Content

Designed and developed in Stockholm, by brand founder and professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi, this natural makeup line offers thoughtful ingredient compositions and shades that deliver a luxurious sensorial feeling and high colour pay-off. Created to be customisable to the season and your own unique skin tone, the products can be mixed-and-matched to blend new colours. Incorporating a carefully selected blend of natural, wild harvested and certified organic butters, waxes and oils, the products are minimally processed in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the properties of the ingredients.

Content Approved

Working exclusively with independent small-scale sub-contractors this natural makeup line is highly concentrated and designed so that a little goes a long way. The boxes are made from sustainable paper and are recyclable. The reusable jars are made of 32% plant-based material from renewable sources, reuse the pots by and filling with a skin balm or travel skincare. Powder compacts have refillable option in development. Powder jars and mascara packaging are recyclable. Cruelty Free. Free from ingredients derived from soy, GMO’s, palm oil, alcohol, nano particles, silicones and many more. See individual products for vegan status.

Manasi Natiral Makeup

Designed & Developed in Stockholm

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