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Pela’s goal is to create a waste free future by making practical everyday products that have minimal footprint on the planet. Founder of Pela, Jeremy Lang, was inspired to created Pela after experiencing the damaging effects of plastic on the ocean while holidaying in Hawaii. He began experimenting with new materials to find effective, sustainable alternatives to plastic in everyday products. The Pela range of zero waste iPhone cases are made of environmentally sustainable materials that have a positive impact on people and planet alike.

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Pela zero waste iPhone cases are durable, practical and eco-friendly. The “Flaxstic” material used to make Pela zero waste iPhone cases is an innovative plant-based material that is smooth to touch and flexible but with no unnecessary bulk. It is a starch-based biopolymer combined with flax straw “waste” for added strength and it is free from BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates. It is compostable in your at-home compost or at industrial composting facilities at the end of its life. The low-impact manufacturing process used at Pela also means that less greenhouse gas emissions are produced than with traditional plastic.

Pela Sustainable biodegradable phone cases

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Pela Biodegradable iPhone cases

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