Organic Makeovers

New to organic make up? Try the Content 'Detox Your Make-Up Bag' consultation or stop by the store for a colour match from one of our professionally formulated natural and organic make-up brands.

Detox Your Make-Up Bag 

Have a favourite red lipstick but want to switch to an organic version? This free consultation is the perfect way to switch your make-up to natural and organic products.

Choosing from our selection of seven of the world’s best organic make-up brands, bring along your make-up bag and we will help you swap your favourites for natural versions and our make-up artists will give you a few tips on the day too.

Please confirm at booking if you require vegan products.

Make-Up Collections

Discover the range that suits your skin best or choose star products from each range for the ultimate natural beauty make up kit.

Choose from:

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