Organic Makeovers

New to organic make up? Try the Content 'Detox Your Make-Up Bag' consultation or stop by the store for a colour match from one of our professionally formulated natural and organic make-up brands.

Detox Your Make-Up Bag 

Have a favourite red lipstick but want to switch to an organic version? This free consultation is the perfect way to switch your make-up to natural and organic products.

Choosing from our selection of seven of the world’s best organic make-up brands, bring along your make-up bag and we will help you swap your favourites for natural versions and our make-up artists will give you a few tips on the day too.

Please confirm at booking if you require vegan products.

Make-Up Collections

Discover the range that suits your skin best or choose star products from each range for the ultimate natural beauty make up kit.

Choose from:

    RMS BEAUTY organic  make-up from the USA
    KJAER WEIS organic make-up from the USA
    ILIA BEAUTY organic lip colours from the USA
    ALIMA PURE mineral make up from the USA
    VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY organic make up from the USA
    W3LL PEOPLE organic make up from the USA
    COLORISI mineral make-up from France
    JUICE BEAUTY organic make up from the USA

    For bookings or to discuss any of our treatments please phone 020 3075 1006 (Mon-Sat). To submit a question or booking request via email please do so here.